Molecular imaging & imaging-guided therapy

Medical innovation and care


Once validated on (pre)clinical platforms, through pertinent biomarker/theranostic issues, methodological innovations will be implemented in the Medical Imaging APHM Department, extended to CERIMED clinical platforms, to improve healthcare in interaction with clinical departments, and with the support of patients’ associations. This department is developed into the 4 APHM sites, through 7 hospital teams, including 77 medical full-time equivalents, and 416 paramedical full-time equivalents. 620,000 imaging exams are performed per year, on 7 CT, 8 MRI (including one open bore magnet), 6 SPECT, 2 PET, 17 US, and 4 angiographic suites for interventional procedures. On the whole, objectives will be to improve diagnosis and prognosis, as well as to guide, predict and evaluate most appropriate therapeutics, especially taking advantage of interventional procedures to obtain biopsies of targeted lesions, or to deliver imaging/therapeutic agents. Another aim will be to enable and accelerate inclusion of patients) in the most innovative clinical trials, including early phases (CLIP2, early phases center - INCa).