Molecular imaging & imaging-guided therapy

Instrumentation for Molecular Imaging and Interventional Guidance


Beside biological and physical characteristics of IAs, modalities have also varying capabilities (temporal and spatial resolution, sensitivity, contrast, quantification, miniaturization). From developments in the field of imaging agents, and in particular of multimodal agents, DHU-Imaging proposes to reveal them using a set of multimodal imaging instruments for complementary anatomical/functional applications.   Morover, innovative devices/tools/protocols for interventional procedures will be developed for biopsies of targeted lesions and for delivery of imaging/therapeutic agents (IGT). The objective will be to obtain more precise localization, quantification, and dynamics of IAs; and more effective interventional procedures (and/or less invasive, for ambulatory care). Once developed, prototypes will be transferred to CERIMED to (pre)clinically validate them on dedicated areas, in comparison to the available reference technique. They will be then integrated in DHU-Imaging platforms for hospital/academic/industrial users, especially for applications in Oncology and clinical Neurosciences; while new validated protocols, in particular for interventional procedures, will be integrated to hospital departments to improve healthcare.