Molecular imaging & imaging-guided therapy

Imaging Agents for Diagnosis and Therapy


DHU-Imaging proposes to identify, design and develop innovative imaging agents (IAs) for diagnostic and/or therapeutic applications. This includes active biomaterials, loaded with drugs or radioelements, and delivered by interventional procedures for IGT. Academic partners of DHU-Imaging, experts in the biological fields of oncology (CRCM, CRO2, VRCM) and neurology/psychiatry (INT), will contribute to identify new molecular targets, in collaboration with the hospital (Pathology, and biobanks) and industrial (small and medium-sized biotechnology companies involved in Eurobiomed cluster). Validation of safety and biodistribution, as well as of therapeutic effects for theranostic agents, will be done at multi-scale (cellular, preclinical and clinical), within CERIMED, and through collaboration between academic (AMU, CNRS, Inserm; especially for histology and molecular biology), industrial (AAA, Colcom, CEA, GE, Graftys), and hospital partners (APHM). Multimodal approaches will be promoted by combining together imaging technics/agents but also by combining imaging to therapy, using nano-vectorization or interventional procedures (IGT). Finally, they will be evaluated to scientifically address biomarker/theranostic issues on preclinical and/or clinical models, especially for Oncology and clinical Neurosciences, and improve healthcare.