Molecular imaging & imaging-guided therapy

Image Processing

Leader : Mouloud ADEL (AMU, Institut Fresnel)

The overall objective of DHU-Imaging is to develop, improve and transfer news tools for biomedical image simulation, processing, analyzing, and modeling, especially for multimodal imaging, in order to extract pertinent quantitative molecular biomarkers for diagnosis/therapeutic interactions, and finally improve medical care. This work involves academic partners (CRMBM-CEMEREM, CPPM, CRO2, Fresnel, I2M, INT, LSIS), in collaboration with industrials (GE, Nicesoft, Intrasense, Siemens, Zeiss). Interests of methodological partners include neurodegenerative diseases (INT, Fresnel, LSIS, I2M), psychiatric diseases (INT, LSIS), ophthalmology (Fresnel, INT), and oncology (LSIS), with already existing collaborations with researchers and physicians involved in DHU-Imaging.